The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services programs help those in need of high quality primary health care. HRSA contains daily health information such as flood warning, health services, medication pricing, scholarships and loan repayment programs - HRSA.

Public Health Insurance Programs and Resources

These providers deliver health care and other health related services to the uninsured, Medicare, Medicaid, underinsured, and other vulnerable populations that experience geographical, cultural, language, economic or other barriers to care. Contact, UHD

Community Health Connect

CHC assist families to improve access to quality health and dental care for low-income uninsured men, women, and children in Utah County. For more information, contact CHC.

USC Adolescent Substance Use Infographic

University of Southern California Nursing Blog informs and educates parents, teachers, school nurses and staff of the danger of illicit substance use in adolescents. USC Nursing blog provides and emphasizes the importance of health literacy, and education in the school communities. An infographic illustrates essential social determinants that influence adolescent substance use. Check here to see infographic, USC Nursing Education.

University of Utah Health Science Education

University of Utah Health Sciences Education publishes the newest research health news, provides education, and includes well-being articles for Utah residents and from all walks of life.  To find out more,  University of Utah Education.

Kids On The Move

Kids On The Move provides FREE developmental evaluations for children under age three. Click here, Kids On The Move.

EPICC Program

This program includes Pre-K-12 school resources such as diabetes training, nutrition, worksite policies, and health prevention tools. Click here for more information - EPICC

Vision USA

Vision USA provides free optometry care to low-income family, check here Vision USA.

Project Read

Project Read changes lives through literacy. Click here, Project Read.

Utah Disability Resources

Online list of disability resources. Click here for more information, UILC.